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Rules & Regulations

This page lists general information about Andover Recreation Rules and Regulations, but for more in-depth  information about pool regulations, please download a Complete List of Andover Pool Regulations by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


Guest Fees:

        Regular:  $8.00

                                Special:   House guest weekly rate                                              $50.00/person (7 day max)   


                                Season guest rate (including daycare)

                             $250.00/per person

Children under the age of two years and adults over the age of 65 shall be admitted at no charge.

After 6:00 PM, guest fees are reduced to $4.00 per person.

All guest fees must be paid at the time of admission, and the fee includes the state tax.

Guest fees are subject to adjustment by the Board of Directors with two weeks notice.




1.     Pets are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

2.     Glass containers of any kind are not allowed anywhere on the premises         including the pavilions.

3.     Spitting is prohibited.

4.     Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises except at those         functions approved by the Board of Directors and exempted by the by-laws of         the Corporation.

5.     All gambling is prohibited, except for special nights approved by the Board.

6.     All persons must comply with posted traffic regulations. The facility is         entered from Main Avenue and exited on to Lyman Avenue.

7.     Abusive and profane language will not be tolerated and may be cause for         ejection from the facility for extended periods of time.

8.     Each person is responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the facility including         the disposal of their own trash.  

9.     Members must provide supervision of their families and guests on all         Corporation facilities

10.   All persons entering the facility and taking part in the activities provided do        so at their own risk.

11.   Participation on the tennis and swim teams is limited to members in good        standing.

12.   Smoking is prohibited except in the parking lot (at least 30ft from the         building entrance).

13.   All incidents resulting in personal injury or property damage must be reported        immediately to the Manager on duty, Threats of personal injury or property        damage, unsafe conditions and inappropriate behavior must be reported        immediately to the Manager on duty.

14.  Members and their guests are responsible for their personal property. Personal       property left on the premises will be put in the lost and found for a period of       time not to exceed 2 weeks. Lost and found articles will be discarded at the       discretion of the Management.



The business phone number at the facility is (410) 859-3614.  A second line,

410-859-4227, is for use by the membership at no charge.  Calls should be limited to 2 minutes to allow for use by others.  Non-business callers to the business line will be asked to call the second number. The business line is equipped with voice mail for after hour and off-season communications.

NEW Pavilion Reservations/Party Rules

Admission of guests should be limited to a reasonable number.  When a member will be inviting guests to a party and the number of non-member guests in the party exceeds 15 (fifteen), the member must receive approval in advance from the Board of Directors or Pool Manager.  

FOR ALL PARTIES/Pavilion requests of more than 15 non-members: a form must be completed at the guard gate, detailing the request.  A non-member guest list must be provided at the front gate for these parties.

Members may reserve 1 picnic area at a time with the General Manager (or a Board Member) on a first come first serve basis. Limit 3 reservations max. per membership per the season.  Members are required to clean the area before leaving it.

NO Community/Sports Parties, over the 15 non-member Max, will be allowed on Saturdays or Sundays in the Months of

June and July.